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Default My GSD has started "stalking" -- ideas to stop it?

Background: we adopted our GSD in May and he's 2.5 yrs. now.

He is a GREAT dog. Very friendly, sweet and becoming more and more accustomed to being an inside family dog (he'd been w/ the military and lived in a kennel).

He's starting to do this funny thing when we're on walks where if a dog is walking in front of us. . . he gets down low (he's on a leash) and starts stalking the dog.

Once he was stalking a small(ish) dog who turned around, barked slightly at him and he jumped behind me. I mean, I don't think he has any mean intent at all.

And generally when he's w/ other dogs he wags his tail a lot.

Do you know what to do about this funny stalking thing he's doing?

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