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Default Changing Crates

Has anyone switched their dog from airline crate to wire? My pup will be 9 months old and has always had a vari-kennel (40 inch). I noticed a couple of nights ago when I turned the light on in his room that he was sleeping on his side, but looked like a pretzel. I have a wire crate still in its box that I bought before I even brought him home. I decided not to use it and used my 20 year old ugly vari-kennel instead because of the horror stories of puppies getting paws and jaws stuck in wire crates. I'm just worried that he will not like a wire crate being used to the airline one. I could probably somewhat cover it but he will pull anything he can get inside I'm sure. Even though there's not a lot of opportunity with the plastic crates, he still managed to snag his leash and shred the end of it when he was itty bitty.

The wire crate is a 48' x 32' x 30' so would give him a lot more room, but would be pointless if he can't settle and rest in it. Anyone else done this transition?
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