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Originally Posted by doggiedad View Post
nice looking dog. when you live with someone and you get a
dog the should be considered "our dog" not "his" or "my" dog.
you get a 2nd dog, it's "our" dog. i wouldn't get a 2nd dog untill
my 1st dog is well trained and highly socialized.
Thank you, but I mean "my" dog as in she refers to most. Ofcourse she is "our" puppy. She mostly listens to me, so I often get other people to work with her (My partner, his mother, my mother, friends etc) so she is used to obeying other people, not JUST me. But yea, when I say "my" dog I mean she has bonded to me.. She will possibly be trained as a service dog for myself and my severe mental health issues (Not interested in going into details...), so it was important for her to bond with me most.

She is perfectly socialized and a well behaved young lady. She has better recall than my 2 year old kelpie! The moment I call her, she is at my side. She responds immediately and never lingers (as my kelpie does). So training is not an issue.

She happily accepts strangers approaching her, although she is wary/unsure when people come running up to her and start petting her.. So I always ask people to STOP, approach her quietly and allow her to sniff them/their hand before petting her. She adores other dogs, plays with any dog instantly.. Just yesterday we were at an off-leash dog beach with her and she was playing with a 7 month old Irish Wolfhound which was atleast 5 times her size and very rough, and she had no issues or restraints. She was quite happy and confident =)
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