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Default Esmeralda at 15 weeks!

Haven't taken a huge amount of photos of her as we have been traveling for the past few weeks... Back home Friday and couldn't be more relieved. Almost home. Almost back to normal.

We met her father SnoweyRiver Rain Spirit "Senna" last friday. Omg this dog is like my dream dog. And he is as stunning in real life as he is in photos. I just wish he was mine, he just didn't care for me at all. He would accept a pet but I felt so hurt that he wasn't more affectionate with me Oh well, not my dog!

Esmeralda adores me. She never leaves me side. Having said that, she doesn't have separation anxiety like I would expect. She is so protective over me, which is exactly what I wanted. I wouldn't call her "high" prey drive, compared to some I have seen.. But its definitely evident, and more so than my kelpie. She is getting much more driven with toys and treats, and I have actually been able to train her now!

This little girl has filled my heart with love. I adore her more than words can describe. She means absolutely everything to me, and I to her.. I am so glad she has picked me as "her human"... I was worried she would bond with my partner not me! She adores him, but only really goes to him if I am not around (ie; I close the door to go to the toilet and she can't follow.. So she runs to him!)

She was well worth the wait. WELL worth it. We've already decided to get another White Swiss Shepherd/Berger Blanc Suisse this year!! =) It will be my partners dog, however
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