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Default GSD Hunting

Hey guys,

My family and I are looking to add a companion for our 15 month old GSD. We got him exactly one year ago. We certainly did not know what we were doing at the time but lucked out with a dog whose parents are DM negative and no problems with hips in the pedigree. His parents were West German imports and Schutzhund trained but we bought him strictly as a family pet. He has turned out to be just the greatest dog that we could imagine. He is great with people and just loves other dogs. Now we would like a companion for him (and for us) that will also be a family pet. We can spend up to about $1500 and have been looking at various sites. We're in Louisiana near New Orleans and actually found a site called Top Notch German Shepherds. They are a hobby breeder and we'll be going to look at their dogs this weekend as they have a litter due in 2 weeks. The mom is a czech import and these are more DDR type dogs. However, my current boy has a very high drive and NEVER gets tired so I think that a high energy working dog wouldn't be a problem. So far, all that I know is that the parents both have OFA good hips and elbows but have not been DM tested but no known history of DM. I'm going to talk to the breeder that we got Kodi from tomorrow about the whole situation to get his opinion as he's been very helpful and always available over the past year, but I wanted to get some opinions from you guys as well. I'd be willing to have a dog shipped and would pay extra if that's what it took.
Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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