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Default Vet calls a it strange case with discovery of a series of other problems

My 5 month pup, Loki is in the hospital for 3 days now, have been crying and I just need to vent and share my experience here.

Had to take Loki to the vet for sudden onset of lethargy, dehydration. I was changing his kibble from Proplan to Origen and was prob doing the transition bit too quick, and he started having pudding poo for 3 days but i thought id just feed pumpkin through the rest of the transition. It helped only a bit, but Loki was energetic and eating and drinking normally.

I was on my night shift and I have my dog walker sit him till 1030 pm, I get a text later that night from my Dog walker he vomited brown stuff, kibble and the pumpkin twice and diarrhea. I come home he is barely excited, just wagging his tail but no scratching the crate and bouncing towards me. I took him out, peed alot, squirted small amt of liquid poop and then one small ball, I expected more. I take him back in, doesnt want to drink at all and was so lethargic. His head was down, ears down i managed to syringe feed him 100cc and hoped on a cab to the vet.

He was to stay for the day and maybe overnight for hydration, bloodwork, x-ray, to check for bowel obstruction, etc... Loki looked soo sad but was amazingly cooperated with everything. I get a call xray shows no obstruction, blood work was normal except some elevated WBC/neuts. He was hydrated but still lethargic. They said they were closing at 7 and will be back at 8 am and suggested if i wanted to send him to a emerge 24hr clinic. I come to see and Loki doesnt lift his head to even greet me. So he was transfered overnight and we decided to to ultrasound to rule out any obstruction the xray could not show. In the am I come after my nightshift Loki seems better and started eating and drinking he came to greet but then went back to bed shortly after. The poop exam becomes positive for Parvo but the vet thinks its a false positive, Loki just got his parvo vaccine and he is older and has improved appetite and energy. Will retest in a month.

They said the ultrasound showed no obstruction and were thinking he just has Gastroenteritis. But they also found an abscess in his abdominal wall and they took a sample and it had bacteria. Have no idea where it came from, they asked if got bitten there, Loki gets picked on at times but I dont remember any injuries. He started antibiotics. The vet noticed his R carpal/wrist swelling i said just leave it for now, but after 6 hours it had swollen up and was painfull. Xrays showed Lucency, possible joint effusion...and they dont know what was the cause whether trauma, infection, etc.. Had an orthopedic surgen come and took a fluid from his joint for C+S to see if theres any infection. Results will be a few days. But meanwhile they xray all his other joints and radiology consult found minimal inflamation on the others as well. The test for C+S will take a few days more, but they were 95% confidence Loki has a side effect reaction from his vaccine since all of his joints had some swelling as opposed if just his right wrist if it was infection. He was started on steriods. Even though the orthopedic surgen said she was 95% sure it was a vaccine side effect, he needs careful monitoring just in case the Parvo result was indeed true. Steroids would lower his immune system and the Parvo could take over. Meanwhile if we waited 4 days more for the C+S result, Loki would be in pain from swelling and longer hospitalization

So here I am now on to day 3, New year plans ruined, and barely ate or slept the past few days. It really was frustrating coz, what I thought was just to have a simple IV hydration, lead to discovery of more things with unknown sources, several tests. Loki was xrayed so many times and I was left in limbo most of the time while waiting for results. Its unfortunate my trial of pet insurance expired and I was just busy with work and the holidays to get a new one. I was researching and wanted to go with another company so I was literally going to apply on my next day off. My vet bill currently are marking 4000 dollars not including the meds or food he will need when he gets home. I just really hope Loki is better in the morning so I can take him home cause I miss him so much and it saddens me to see my happy sweet puppy very down. I fear for any pernament damage. I just wished it wasnt New Years

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