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Our little pittbull would do that, the barreling thru thing. He knocked over Clipper twice. The first time I thought it was an accident as they were running in the yard, the second time Clipper was just standing at the fence and he came running down the fence line and knocked him over, then I thought, no he's doing that on purpose! They are like a little tank, he weighs 75 pounds though he isn't very tall at all. Both my gsds have passed, they were 9 or ten when Hooch came to live with us. I keep the "pack order" thing going, Cody was the leader, when he passed I kept Clipper as leader, gave his treat first, etc, Hooch did respect this. The barreling I give a firm "hooch, no" every time he gets in that mode, he's pretty obedient, knows sit, watch me, down, etc. He enjoys walks over playing fetch, the toys get stuck on his teeth! Walks and car rides are his thing! I kept them Seperated when all 3 were here when I wasn't home. He loves people and is an attention hog too. I think we didn't have more problems with this because my gsds were older, he was around 4 years when he came here, and I keep the "order of the pack". Now that my gsds have passed, he has the run of the house when I'm gone. He's very well house broken, very reliable dog, but those also are things that make me hesitate to get a new puppy, him being so "needy" like for all attention.
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