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I ordered some books on E-training because a frirnd of mine are doing this training with him. He has to be isolated from guests often for awhile after they got this new trainer. They have done this with their previous dog before i was born. This has nothing to do against me. No more frequent visitors even for the kids across the street. However, can visit once a week or once every other week. This training is what CW Meisterfeld had done of what I heard. I cannot attend either like i did in the past with their previous trainer. That is cool this is something that they have to do. However, hopefully this will end eventually and can leave this alll behind. So have been researching on e-training and ordered books on amazon about 3 on Meisterfeld and 10 on other books and 5 other books at a local library. CW Meisterfeld was the first person to train dogs with Positive Reinforcement no alpha or force physical thing. Doing this to understand and am understanding more of it. However, don't get the isolation visitors thing. So what I know about this is to make their dog more responsive and welcomed be more of a joy everywhere. Found nothing on social isolation other than its not a proper way to train dogs according to my research so far. He already is the though from a different propespective. Although he can get better. Do you know much about e-training?
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