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Default are German Shepherds the breed for me?

Hi there everyone, I am thinking about getting a German Shepherd as a pet, I absolutely love them! I'm only 16, and have only had one other dog that we have trained and had since a puppy, so i have never worked with a large dog like a German shepherd before although i am confident i could manage one. I have no issues, and am never afraid around big dogs like some younger people are.

We live in a small 3 bedroom house in town with a medium sized back yard and a large school and park across the road. I am willing to walk and let off the lead up to twice a day and train etc. etc. However i am leaving school in 2 years and training to be a vet nurse so would an older dog be a better option if we are looking into the future?

We have a cat, she is old, and has a calm nature, but does not want to play with our smaller dog, so they keep their distance unless food is involved lol. Could this be a problem?

So after telling you this please give me the honest truth, suggestions, opinions on whether you think I could handle a German Shepherd
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