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Oups! It is a cow moose - was able to identify her after some internet research.

LOL Jane and Diane - cows with calfs are fierce! They have been known to kill people and dogs. Last winter I was threatened by a cow moose with a calf who felt trapped in the driveway between me and Gryffon. I was at the house end, Gryffon was on the road end (marking territory), and the cow didn't know which way to go. The snow was piled several feet high on each side, so wouldn't have been able to cut across.

I was trying to (gently) shoo her towards the road, but with Gryff at the other end, she would have none of it. Gryffon was ignoring the moose - he would glance up at them, then go back to sniffing for passing dogs who left their mark.

Did you know that a Cow Moose with a calf will give you a warning much like a dog if she feels threatened? Lowers her head to stare at you straight in the eyes, flattens the ears back, and growls. Very effective display, I backed away pronto!

Went in the house, came out with . . . a ski pole, haha!!!! Again, gently moved forward to shoo them towards the road, and this time, keeping more distance between them and myself, they turned and trotted off. Phew!

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