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Default 100 People

Is anyone else doing the Ian Dunbar 100 people by 12 weeks socialization thing? He says that you should try to have your puppy meet 100 people, at least 20 of them kids, by 12 weeks. It's so tough in the winter months, but we have a full dance card lined up for our girl. I thought it would be fun to have a thread for anyone working on 100 people to keep track and keep each other motivated.

Lorna is 7 weeks, 4 days and has been home for 3 days. Yesterday we went to the Three Dog Bakery, where she met 2 ladies and the nice cashier. She went to Tractor Supply Company with us but she didn't really meet anyone, still good exposure. Today we went to Petco, where she met 8 people, 2 of them kids.

So, we have 4.5 more weeks and we're at 11 people, 2 of them kids. Anyone else?
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