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If you walk out your front door, and around the neighborhood and back, you will probably attract males to hang out at your door. They can be a nuisance, whining and carrying on.

A better idea is to drive to your rotten MIL's house, and park in front. Walk you bitch through the neighborhood, and then pack her up and take her home. I haven't tried this yet. I don't have a MIL. But my sister has one that is a great candidate for this.

Yes, usually it starts with some spotting. Sometimes they bleed heavily, and sometimes they never bleed too heavy. For in the house you might want to pick up some washable pet diapers. A medium size is usually large enough for GSD Bitches. Mine are denim with velcro and a tail hole. If she is bleeding heavily, you can put a feminine napkin in there, and replace that.
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