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Default Vest Full of Patches


Why are so many people determined to use multiple patches on their dog? Why isn't a simple "Service Dog" or "Assistance Dog" along with maybe a "Do Not Pet" or "Do Not Disturb" enough.

Why do some feel the need to share things like their dog is a Psychiatric Service Dog or a Diabetic Alert Dog etc. etc. Does the public really need to know what your disability is?

On the one hand we have people claiming their medical disabilities are private or get upset because someone asks questions about their disability. Yet, some of these same people show a picture of their dog where all of this info is right there for the public to see. I read one time where a member of one of the FB groups that I belong to was upset because of all of the patches that she still needed for her various disabilities.

Is it that some believe they have to label their dog or is it one of those things that "more patches are better" and if so, why?
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