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Default New 3 Year Old Wont Stop Whining And Pacing

Hey, I just got a new Sheperd 3 days 2 nights ago. I already have a Shepherd Rotti Mix.
This new pooch (Bruce), will not stop whining and gets up eery now and then and paces throughout the house.
I didn't feel there was much of a bond between the last owner and him, and there was also a previous owner before that.
I love Bruce already, and no matter the case he has a great happy healthy home here with me and the other Shep (Logan) but if possible, if I could have a few suggestions to help comfort Bruce, I would love to hear them thank you !!
I've given him his old blankey from the previous home, including his nyla-bone and his stuff toy and also his bed.
Maybe I'm asking this too early ? It has only been a few days but I figured I would take an advantage of the forum site and try to figure something out for him.
He also wont eat much, but I've been spoiling him with chicken breast bacon and cheese, so I'm sure its because I've been giving him the goods

He's active enough besides the pacing. Hes in the yard with Logan so many times throughout the day plus a good walk.

I'm not sure if its separation anxiety, or just from being in a new home AGAIN.
I know he does feel intimidated by Logan. Logan has already made himself Alpha over Bruce.

Thank you in advance for any comments given, negative or positive.
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