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Originally Posted by Xeph View Post
We harp all the time on people doing their research and learning, but I guess that only applies if you're die hard pro working lines. Doesn't matter if people learn more about another style and then make an informed decision.

your post is on a pet peeve....being a die hard one type or another has nothing to do with your pet peeve! My POINT is you know what they are talking about! I can't begin to count the number of people who have walked up to me when I have shown AKC OB and asked where they can get a dog like <whatever I have on a leash - Kyra, Kougar, Danger, Csabre> and why the ones that are being shown walk <the way they do>

The only people I KNOW or have met who LIKE the ASL "look" are the ones who show them! I am sorry that offends you...I have never had anyone say to me that they want an ASL - even when they are clueless as to the differences in type.

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