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Default I can't take it anymore!!!!

Seriously. I can't. I just can't. I have absolutely come to HATE the word "sloped". Even when not applied to GSDs, the word sends me into white hot fits of rage.

People...STRAIGHT and SLOPED *are not mutually exclusive*!! Straight does NOT mean parallel to the floor! It means exactly as it sounds! Straight = without curve, dip, bend, etc.

Look! Here's Wesson, who shows a *straight back* in both pictures. The back is not the same as the whole top line, but I do suppose people are talking about the whole top line when describing the so called "straight back"

In the first picture, her top line is diagonal towards the ground. It's still straight. The second picture that so many people claim as the "straight back" is the SAME animal. All that changed is how she's standing. Her back never stops being straight because of how she stands. What changes is the angle of her top line in relation to the ground.

I know this seems like a silly rant, but I just couldn't take it anymore. I swear I'm about to have my eye start twitching, and I have enough twitching problems already
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