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breed IS healthy - depends on where you look.

lots of malinois depart early from metabolic problems -- exercise induced collapse -- have heard of Mals dieing on the track . I asked the LEO do you mean they lost interest , motivation. Answered very quickly , no , as in body needs to be removed dieing.

I have had the opportunity to play around with some mals . Youth dogs in prep for ring competition . Extremely easy to activate into prey . One was over the top when something was in motion -- but the moment it was still no interest , no hunt drive to find something hidden. Distracted . Would go off course or task , investigate and come back . That is why I got this particular dog to work with to see if I could condition him . Even took him to do ball work in our cinder block barn -- no distractions . Great guns until the ball stopped . No change for better when distractions present outside . Too much prey.

The breed as a whole, in my opinion is great to work under direction . A dog that reacts or acts on command .
A GSD is more inclined to make good decisions , use intelligence.

I know that Tiekerhook was creating mixes of GSD for work purposes -- off registry .

I have no problem with mixes for WORK . A malinois would not be my first choice . Of course my intents would be a super , improved GSD . Genetically based on the canine genomic study malinois and GSD do not come from the same genome input . I would select something closer in historic origin. Been thinking about this for decades .


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