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Default A tale of 2 puppies....just rambling

If this is in the wrong place feel free to move it

There are lots of threads on this board about raising 2 pups at a time and the pros and cons. I have ran across an issue that I haven't seen raised in any of them...favoritism.

I'm having a tough time with this one lol I've never experienced it before. I only have one child so I didn't experience it on that level, and I've never had 2 young dogs before so this is so totally new.

They are so totally different, different lines, different drives, different energy levels. So different needs. Ivan is 8mo old WGSL Dude is 12mo old byb lines.

Ivan is high drive high energy. He would play all day if you would. And that is the key...he wants me. Very focused on me, very engaged. I've started using tugs in training known behavior and he loves it.

Dude is more low key. I have to encourage and coax him to play with me. He is more timid when I'm involved. He plays like a wild man with Ivan but more reserved and unsure about tug, and doesn't care much to fetch. He will but it doesn't excite him.

Dude loves learning new behaviors, he picks them up quick. I've backed off on perchwork to take a break and taught him a couple fun tricks in the last week. He is much easier to train than Ivan.

Ivan takes a bit longer for things to click with him if I don't wear him out first. He's just so excited he's all over the place.

So I love to play with Ivan, and I love training with Dude. Not sure what the point to all this was, just rambling and feeling guilty that I think Ivan is the funner pup.

Been working on not neglecting Dude at playtime. I do have to put Ivan up so he doesn't take over lol. Anyway, that's another thing to consider when thinking about getting 2 puppies, playing favorites!!
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