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Default In need of a new large cage!

So my GSD has managed to take off the latches, bend, escape, and completely destroy his last cage over the past year. He completely ruined it last week. The cage he did this to was Puppy Crate » Top Paw™ Double Door Dog Crates | PetSmart.

I'm not a fan of these metal crates anymore and I'm in need of a good cage for under $200 that I can purchase online.
I got him Petmate Navigator Kennel - Carriers - Cat - PetSmart two days ago (Size 36.1 X 23.3 X 26.7, only size available at the store and online apparently) but he didn't have any room to lay down in and turn on his sides.

He just turned 1 year old recently and I'm in need of a cage for him fast.
What do you guys recommend I should get him?

I was thinking of getting him something like an exorcise pen (what I was thinking of getting) but a friend thinks he'll just knock it down when he's bored...
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