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Default Help - don't know what to do

Hi everyone, as the title of the thread states, I need help.

My 19 month old non-neutered, male, GSD has developed aggressive tendencies to other, random, dogs. His agressiveness appears out of nowhere - sometimes he's fine with the other dog, his tail is wagging and he's sniffing happily, then all of a sudden he starts to growl and goes off (barking and lunging); other times, he see's another dog, and this could be across the street, and he starts to growl, bark and lunge for no apparent reason; and there are other times he's perfectly behaved, not caring about a dog that runs up to him barking.

When he does bark and lunge, my wife and/or I restrain him either by his leash or his collar, get in front of him and tell him to sit. We do this because his aggressiveness disappears when the dog of his focus is removed from his sight or the immediate area. Although it may take a little bit to get him to relax and sit, he eventually does. But, we need to keep telling him to "watch me" to take his focus off the other dog until it is gone.

His aggressiveness is beginning to worry my wife and I as we're concerned he might attack/injure another dog. We're so worried, we've started to walk him later at night or earlier in the mornings to avoid bumping into other dogs. If we do see another dog, we try to avoid them as we're not sure how he's going to react.

He's extremely friendly to humans and an angel at home. He's perfectly healthy per the vet and we socialize him as much as we can either at the off leash park or at what I call Doggie Day Care (for when the wife and I are at work). He doesn't have any issues at either the park or at Day Care, just when we walk him alone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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