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Originally Posted by diarmuid957 View Post
Food grade Diatomeaceous Earth is an excellent natural de wormer. Girardia can come from a pup's mother's milk, consuming contaminated dirt, etc. You have to break the worms' reproductive cycle. How long has your pup been on this treatment? DE can clear worms from stool in 7 days, but it takes a full 30 to kill all the larvae...

By now I think you might want to take stock of the pup. Is she really skinny or does she have a balanced shape with a slight hourglass notch? If the latter, then check the food your pup is eating. You might want to consider adding supplements to her diet.

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I've had her 6 days and she went to the vet today because I noticed the soft stools, she started medication today, they have me 10 days worth of pills. She didn't eat much at all the past 2 days but she pigged out and ate all 3 meals today and had her first pill. She doesn't look skinny at all, the vet said her weight is perfect but according to all these GSD weight lists I found online shes half the weight for a 3 month old.

I'm hoping these lists are just wrong. Besides the soft stools she's a great dog, I normally don't buy from pet stores, my other dogs are from rescues and the pound but I just happened to fall in love with her the moment I saw her at the store, they wouldn't even sell her to me that day because they just got her and made me come back the next day after they had a vet check her out. Which I find is weird since they said she was healthy, yet I use the same vet as they do and when I took her to the vet they said she has gardia but they charged the store for the medication and tests instead of me.

I know most people hate pet stores but I think of it this way, all dogs and cats deserve a home, the animals at the pet stores shouldn't be rejected just because we don't agree with where they came from or how they're being sold, I feel as if I saved he from this store =\ sorry if people disagree with me.
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