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I think that some dogs have better teeth than others and it is a genetic issue. My last dog, a mutt, had perfect teeth for 10+ years. At 11, I took him in for special dental cleaning at the vet... and, they were shocked that 1) he was 11 and, 2) had never had professional cleaning before [because his teeth were in such good shape].

My current dog, Riley, is 4.5 years old and I do have to stay on top of his dental hygiene. In fact, at the last vet visit, my vet scraped a lot of tartar off of his teeth. The vet was super impressed that Riley let her do that with no fuss... I was too! But, I was even more surprised that he needed to have that done given his age.

I think I will add some raw bones to his rotation as there seems to be a consensus that they are better for dental hygiene than other types of bones... right?

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