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Default Is my puppy underweight?

Last Tuesday I got a female GSD from Petland. I hate pet stores but I can't resist going in and looking and after losing my blind\diabetic dog on 12/11 I've just missed taking extra care of a dog so I think thats what got me going in there anyways. I saw this GSD and asked about her, they wouldn't let me play with her since they got her that day and she still hadn't been to the vet. I fell in love with her so I came back the next day when they opened, played with her and bought her.

She turned 11 weeks old yesterday and has been great, she learned her name in just hours and learned sit so far, is almost completely house broken and working on shake. I took her back to the vet today because after having her 6 days I noticed that every poop she has made is either soft or diarrhea, this morning there was blood so I wasn't going to wait any longer for it to clear up she also stopped eating last night.

The vet did some tests and said her health is great except that she tested positive for giardia and prescribed Flagyl. I've seen charted online say that at 12 weeks female GSD should weight 30lb and while my girl is only 11 weeks she is only has 16LB, she has gained 2lb in the past week despite the parasite. Are these charts right and do I have a small GSD or will she just catch up later? Don't get me wrong, I love her but I just wanna make sure she is as healthy as the vet says.
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