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Question Serious allergies!!!!! Please help!!!!

Sasha is an 8 month old (4-21-13) West German working line GSD. She has always itched more than other dogs and we took measures to care for this. Sprays, lots of vet visits, allergy pills, a million and one diets. Raw, organic, limited ingredient, fish based, novelty protein, no chicken, chicken, fish oils, baths, name it and we have tried it. I almost forgot the hundreds of dollars on prescription diets!!!! Her allergies have gotten a lot worse in the last few weeks. She is loosing the hair on her ears, paws, knees, sides and anywhere that she can bite or scratch. We have been to the vet many times. They REFUSE to prescribe her a steroid. Her mother and grandmother both get cortisone shots (I didn't know this until well after Sasha's allergies became a problem) What I am asking for is help. What can I do. My beautiful dog is going bald, she is miserable, we are miserable. I also need a new vet!!! What can I do to help her and make this stop and who can refer me to a vet in the Minneapolis area? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
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