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Default Convince me I don't want a Mal

So I just got word from the breeder that I have a deposit in with that the breeding I put my deposit on isn't taking place. I am now torn as to what I want to do. I can stay with this breeder who I really like and wait and see if the 2 other upcoming breedings have enough males to accomodate me or I can seek out another breeder. This got me thinking that maybe I want a Mal. I have worked a lot with Mals in the past but have never owned one. I love how hard they are and their over the top drive. This dog is going to be a Sch/IPO dog so the above attrbutes are what are making me think Mal. I need some honest input from people who have owned Mals so I can make the best choice for my family and me. What are your guy's thoughts?
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