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For some reason, doing obedience never really made me nervous

If you can get a hotel, it would sure cut down on your travel time.

Is this AKC? You should receive some type of confirmation on your entry, the start time of the class, the number of entries.

Depending on the amount of entries, will determine how long you'll be there. They usually do maybe 10 dogs (if there are more), do your sits and downs, at the end of each of those 10 dogs routine, then go on to the next group..Again, depends on the number of entries.

IF it's AKC when entries close, you can also go to the akc site, see the times/entries there as well.

What to bring? what you listed, poop bags for sure Treats, food if your staying over.

I seem to always hit really early entry, so I'd get there a good hour before class started, walk my dog, exercise her a little, crate her , watch the class, and get the dog about 2-3 dogs prior to me..I found hanging around the ring WITH my dog, just bored her, crating her, going to get her, amped her up and she was ripping to go

I have to say , my sister ALWAYS took Pepto bismol with her LOL,,she was a nervous nelly

Just treat it as a run thru, one you would do in class No stress, there is always someone worse than "you" (general you)

Good luck !!

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