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Default Student Vent Thread

Alright, we all know students get frustrated. Here's a safe place to do a bit of venting. If you be high school or university, let it rip here.

I'll start. I'm in second year through a tech school two year program that is transferable to a university program, I hope, if I maintain a 65% average. Last year I finished with an 82% average. This last year has been ridiculous.

First annoyance was not having all instructors hired before classes started. We got our Auditing instructor lined up in the second week of classes. He spoke a mile a minute in a foreign accent that no one understood, refused to provide written lecture notes, refused to give assignment outlines before they were due or advise where he was lecturing from in the text book and refused to acknowledge the female students in the class (which was 5 out of 7). I didn't complain because life isn't always fair. Took the midterm, got a 46%. While reviewing it with the answer key found several points that I believed should have been marked as correct. Thankfully the program head agreed with me upon regrading and awarded me a 56%. All the other marks in the class rose by 5-14% as well. Issues continued and the entire class complained to our coordinator about this instructor. Eventually the program head agreed to finish marking the semester or allowed us to withdraw with full refund and a Withdrawl mark instead of a Withdraw/Fail on our transcript up until the morning before the final. I chose to write the final. We will see if I pass the class. On the second last lecture day (after finding out he would not be marking any more) our instructor assigned a group, oral presentation due next class. Lovely, since we had already done the required one (poorly). The class refused to do it.

NOW, the school was "unable" to find instructors for 3 of our 6 classes for this semester. It's rather ridiculous since they made us pay for them in September. Our only option if we wanted to finish the year on time is to take the missing classes by correspondence. Only one of the classes is being offered by correspondence through the school, the other two I have to register for with Athabasca University which of course, cost twice as much as what I have paid for the original courses plus an application fee. Our student coordinator was kind enough to tell us which classes we needed to sign up for. I registered for both last week. This week I was able to access the course's online content. One looks like I will need to upgrade my Office Suite to get me Windows Access databases. The other looks a LOT like the Tax course I took last semester (and aced the final). Hmmmm, ok. Maybe she mistyped 301 instead of 401. Let's call her. Nope, out of the office until Jan 6th. Tried to call Athabasca U. Closed until Jan 2nd. Fine. Since I have to call my current school's registrar to get into the correspondence class that THEY are offering I'll do that. Guess who else is on holidays.. Not saying I didn't phone her last Friday and was told she would be in on Monday. Not saying I didn't call her on Monday and get told that she was out of the office. I missed calling her on Friday because, shocking, I also work and didn't get a break to do it in. What is up with schools closing and their people taking off right when students are supposed to be registering for classes!?

Today I got the package from AU which contained....the same text books that I used for semester 1 tax class. And only those text books. Whatever, now I have a set of Canadian Tax Text books, sealed with software that I can sell, except they are only good for this year. I'm waiting until AU's office opens again to see if I can return them for refund before listing them on kijiji.

I really wanted to use this week before face to face classes started again to get ahead on my correspondence classes, especially tax. Guess that won't be happening.
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