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Default When you are in her pack,she is there for you!!

A few days ago I wrote a brag about Journey interacting freely with a dog for the first time, a small 20lb beagle pug mix, they got along great.

We have coyotes where we live and Journey has got between myself and a coyote when she was about 18 mos of age and stood her ground and drove it off.

It happened again 1 hour ago this time she came to the defense of her new dog friend the small pug/beagle mix that was following some scent, and encountered a coyote. Dusk is not a good time to be out with a small dog.
All we intially heard was the little dog going nuts.
Journey took off and rammed into the coyote hitting it in the mid section with her shoulder/head sending it flying and then held it at bay not letting it get between her and the small dog, she was like herding it away untill we got to the small dog and picked her up, the coyote then took off.
On our way home she kept circling my son carrying his dog and myself.
Neither dog was hurt. When in the house Journey checked the small dog out to ensure everything was fine, once she was satisfied she went and laid down beside her.
That is enough excitement for the next year
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