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Default Lisl at the drive-up Window

Yesterday Lisl and I walked to the pharmacy to pick up one of my scripts.

She knows everyone that works there, but yesterday I didn't take her in because they were unusually crowded and there's not much space to stand at the checkout without someone getting into Lisl's space.

We walked up to the drive through window instead. The young lady that usually works the window got my script and brought Lisl a treat like she always does. She took it gently and got off the window counter and ate her treat while the transaction was being finished.

One of the pharmacy techs at the fill counter said 'Hi' to us and Lisl jumped back onto the counter window with her front paws. The tech asked if she could have another treat and Lisl heard this and practically jumped through the drive through window.

I mean, she was half way into the store on top of the window counter looking for this treat the pharmacy tech mentioned. I wish I had a picture of this. Half GSD with legs hanging out the window and the other half inside the store looking for this treat.

I had to pull her out since she had nothing to pull or push against to get out of the window opening had I told her 'OFF' so I didn't bother with the command.

I swear this dog is part kangaroo.
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