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Default Newbie in need of help!

Hi everyone I'm new on here but not new to owning the most beautiful breed of dog. Sadly our last one died 4yrs ago. I'm finally ready for another one and hoping it will get along with my 5yr old cavachion. I had a male last time and got him from a rescue centre. He had an awful illness where his immune system attacked his nervous system.
I have 2 young children and my son is desperate to get another one. My daughter wasn't born so will be a first for her.
Ok enough rambling (sorry got so much whirling around my brain at the moment, a million and one questions but now I'm here I've forgotten them lol).
My dog is female. Would you recommend a dog or a bitch? What do hip scores mean? I understand about the hip displacement but not the scoring. Is there anyway that a registered puppy would know of any history like my old dog "Rookie" had?
I'm not looking to find one until sept as we are going on holiday and don't want to get one before we go away as it wouldn't be fair on the pup. This gives me time to do my homework and find a good breeder too.
Many thanks
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