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So i'm strongly considering getting a wolf hybrid puppy. To start you off with some basic information, the breeder claims that the puppies (5 weeks old) are 86%... i would imagine this would qualify as high content.

Information about me:
I'm 24, i am a grad student, and most of the classes that i take are online and so i have a lot of time to dedicate to having a dog.

I have grown up with dogs all my life and my most recent dog is a weimaraner (5 years old, but still very puppy-like). I did a phenomenal job with training her, she is highly intelligent, very affectionate, and very obedient and loyal. I am most definitely the alpha male and i constantly make sure that that is never called into question.

It should be noted that i intend to get a female, with the understanding that they are naturally less aggressive and more submissive.

I live in a single family household with a relatively small backyard, id say about 60 feet by 60 feet. But i run about 3-4 miles every day on some woodland trails that are nearby, so i figure exercise could probably be met that way.

One of my biggest questions is, is the training of the wolf hybrid going to be anything that is extraordinarily more difficult than training my Weimaraner? Will I experience too many problems if i go to great lengths to socialize her and keep her in nearly daily interaction with other people (family, friends, roommates)?

A lot of what i read about when i research the temperament of this breed is mixed messages. You get people who say..."nah you can't have a wild animal like that and expect it to be trained and obedient, they will always refer to their instincts." And then you get people who say "This does is the sweetest dog ive ever had and it has never harmed a fly...etc etc."

Can i expect this dog to become a loyal companion? Im not so fearful about the potential downside to the dog as i am of its potential behavior around other people. I'm confident that i can assert myself as the alpha of the pack.

Someone please lay this out for me free of opinion. Im just looking for the facts. If its not too much harder than training and conditioning a will-full dog, and can be a loyal and affectionate companion, then i am interested.

If its something that is likely to get me into a lot of trouble and will be uncontrollable eventually, despite my effort to effectively train it, then perhaps i am not.

I appreciate the help guys!
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