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Default New Member! Meet Gypsy, Red and Charlie : )

Greetings from MD, USA!

I'm fairly new to the German Shepherd Breed. I have always had Labradors. Gypsy is my second lab I have had. She is a sweetheart, typical lab personality...loves people and WATER! She is now three. Two years ago my brother rescued a male German Shepherd. When he got him, he was all skin and bones, no muscle, and a poor coat. He had no spark to him; you could tell he had a rough life. He was only about one, but looked like he'd been exposed to YEARS of abuse. He bonded to my female lab Gypsy and now is 100% healed in his mind, body and most of all soul.

When I moved, he came with me as the two were so bonded. Red has taught me so much about this wonderful breed. We have had our challenges as far as touch sensivity, introductions to new people, dogs and strange places and he has overcome them all. Even through his rough start in life, he is so courageous, loving, smart, faithful, inquisitive, and protective. As most of you all know, he wanted a job. While I have not participated in any sports with him, I found that he LOVES biking. We have worked our way up to 10 miles. As long as he is with me, he is happy. Since then I have had what most German Shepherd owners catch...Multiple German Shepherd Syndrome.

Our newest addition is Ms. Charlie. She is our 9 year old senior rescue. We started out as a foster, which failed 1/2 day later. She is the sweetest dog. While she doesn't have the stamina that younger shepherds have, show her a ball and you'd never know her age. She LOVES to fetch! Other than her gray muzzle, she looks a lot younger!

In the spring I have a new pup coming. I I am so excited. I have spent montths researching breeders, different lines, and I found the the perfect match for my pack and I! I am getting a working line pup. Since I have not competed in any sports with my current dogs, I'm interested in learning about all the different sports people compete in with their shepherds. So over the next year - year and half, I would love to learn how you got started, which sport you chose and why, appropriate age to start a pup. I know with Shepherds its important not to over work them young so as not to harm their joints.

Thanks for reading my story and I look forward to hearing from you all!
Mr. Red - Rescue GSD (CGC)
Ms. Charlie - RIP 1-14-2014 Rescue GSD
Ms. Gypsy - Yellow Lab (CGC)
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