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It's actually my sister, who doesn't technically live here, but her dog is here a lot and she is also here quite a bit.

I am in the works of trying to get into a career i think i will like, but i have a ways to go and cannot move out till i have a better paying job (i work over 40 hours now-a-days and am just getting by!) Moving out will improve Zelda and my life greatly.

And the beagle is the one my dog tries to play with sometimes when no other dog is here, but the beagle wants nothing to do with any dog. And Zelda just barks at her (which is annoying for people and i'm sure for the dog!) however, i can easily redirect Zelda when i see it happen.. And she listens better when i tell her to stop lately too.

But my sisters dog is actually a GSD/Golden mix that i'm talking about. She is about 70 pounds. So it is quite a big deal if they get into a fight or if Zelda gets bit. Thankfully Zelda is longer, wider and taller than griffy by a bit, not sure about the weight as she is quite lean and still a growing girl.. So at least she isn't a little dog!
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