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Yes, my dog is annoying to other dogs because she wants to play with them and will play bark at them till they chase her or play with her. Thank you for correcting her when she is going too far and being way over demanding to our little beagle when I am not there to do so.
But your dog gets aggressive just because my dog was trying to say hi to you when you got home and your dog didn't want her to do that, or because you asked my dog to get off the couch and your dog ends up biting my dog while she is getting off, or because your dog decided the sock was her new favorite toy and guards it and bites my dog for being a yard space of her, or because my dog is walking past her while she is upset that you left the house for a couple minutes.. She has done this to other dogs too and even made a dog's eye swollen because he was in her space when there was an antler involved.
But do you care? No, not really, you think that it puts my dog in her place, and it doesn't its just rude, uncalled for and my dog did nothing to deserve most of the bites and attempt aggressive bites and i don't appreciate your dog biting my dog. Your dog happens to be the few dog she socializes with and i would love it if there were a lot more more positive than negative interactions.
The problem is you dont want to accept your dog has a behavioral problem, because you dont want to put the work into training her and managing her. You said that yourself, you said she is good where she is at and that you dont have time to train her, i suggested just a few minutes in the morining and night and that is better than nothing, that is the problem. If you admit to it you will feel obligated to work with your dog and you just dont want to. Your dog has gotten worse over even the month, she even guards the bed or her bone from cats walking by being totally innocent of the scene.. There is a problem. And i am sick of the excuses, manage it better because i already have my hands full with my dog who, i admit, has plenty of behavioral problems and i still love her and even with the stress of my life i am working on it with her and managing it and learning from my mistakes (which i've made plenty!) And your dog is a great girl, she is very dear to my heart, however, she has a behavioral problem that can be managed and improved, but if you wont even admit to it, it wont change, because you wont put work into it! I've given you sources of great trainers and books to help with resource guarding, etc. And it just gets me raging because it involves my dog getting hurt sometimes, and i never want to see my dog hurt.
When i said, "i will do something about it if you dont," you said, "dont you dare touch my dog." As if i was going to hurt her!
This is why i dont want my dog to be around your dog when i'm not there, because you dont care or think its that big of a deal.
Even if i look like a jerk right now after writing this, I want you to know i do all my jerkness for my dog and will continue being a jerk when i need to, even being a jerk to myself, if it means protecting my dog.

The things i wish i would say...
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