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Default HELP! Dog chews if we're not paying attention

Help! My GSD is 9 months. We are having an issue with him chewing stuff up if he's in our room and we're here. We lock him in our room (with a gate, so he can still see/hear us) if we're eating, or doing something we'll know he'll be in the way.

Tonight during dinner we hear RIIIP. He tore into our comforter. I assume it's since he's pissed he's in there and we're out here.

He is crate trained, but we try to keep him out of the crate if we're here.

What can I do to stop the chewing/ruining stuff? Should we crate him everytime we can't pay total attention?

Do they ever get to the point when you can leave them out when you're gone?????
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