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Default How about some comments made that are funny about us and our dogs

a friend of mine said "you and your dog are crazy. you're crazy
for training him like that and he's crazy for learning". my friend
thinks it's crazy how well trained Loki is.

"you drive your dog to go to the bathroom". followed by
much laughter. i told a friend of mine i drive my dog
to his bathroom spot and play area. he thought it was funny
driving a dog to go to a place to go to the bathroom. i don't
drive him there all of the time but i do it a lot.

"that's crazy". followed by laughter. a friend of mine saw
my dog go to the mailman to get the mail.

"i can't get my children to do that". my dog was in a
down/stay in front of a store. when i came out a stranger
told me he can't get his kids to do that. what he meant
was he can't get is children to stay in one place. i couldn't
get my children to stay in one place. lol.

i was walking in the woods. we were getting close to a lady
and her daughter. as we got close the lady said "does he bite"?
before i could say anything the little girl screams, grabs her
mother and stands behind her and says "yes mom, he bites, he's
a child killer". the girl an i start laughing. her mother says, "i guess
he wouldn't be out here if he bites".

one of my neighbors isn't sure about Loki. she'll call him to
her and when he goes towards her she'll turn her back to
him and clinch her fist to her chest. i'm not sure why she calls
him and i'm not sure why i let him go to her. lol.
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