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Default Child-Aggressive 3.5 yo Female

Hello all!
I am still new to the forum and to GSDs for that matter. We are adopting a retired female named Ezra from her. Ezra is an outstanding guard dog and according to the breeder, she doesn't like a lot of people but warmed up to us right away. She loves cats and other dogs, but the breeder thinks one of her dad's young neighbors may have done something to piss her off and since then she hates kids. According to the breeder, she is actively trying to "get at them" when kids come over. She said she has never tried to rehab her (she only has a high schooler and no other kids ever come over). We are also getting an 8 week old male pup from her also (Ezra loves them all so I'm not too worried) what does worry me is we are going to have a 5 year old living with us in about 6 months.

What training advice do you guys have in introducing the two of them? We will not give up on Ezra, we are very calm and confident people and are ready for this challenge. We do plan on getting a professional behaviorist if we don't see improvements.

Thank you guys so much.
Child-Aggressive 3.5 yo Female-imageuploadedbypg-free1388349726.882872.jpg Ezra girl (this was taken by Stoney Creek Farm)

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