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I know some people put jackets or the dog version of horse blankets on their dogs, including dogs who have plenty of dog fur, like GSD. And just like lots of horses, i dont think certain breeds of dogs need them. My friend has a pitty and she gets a fleece in the house and a jacket and booties for outside, but that is because she actually needs it because she shivers when she is outside and even inside sometimes when its really cold.

Zelda gets mushers secret or she wears booties when i walk her in town, only because of all the salt on the road and side walks that releases chemicals and hurts her paws.
I would prefer mushers secret, but unfortunately i have to apply it ever time before i go out and its just getting to expensive so i got booties for her and she does okay in them, getting them on can be a pain especially if she is super energetic- but its all worth it in the end!.

Other than that Zelda is a snow dog and would be out there longer if she could!
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