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Default Outfitting Your GSD For Cold Weather Outdoors.

How do you outfit your dog for cold conditions including snow and ice conditions when you and the dog just gotta go out for that walk.

Cruz and I generaly take longer walks maybe in the 1 to 1.5 mile range. We take longer when the weather permits. I just don't want him getting injured by ice and snow or severe windchill while out. Today, the windchill was in the one degree area and we had gusts in the 10 to 15 mph range. I know it's not the most extreme, just wondering how anyone who ventures out like myself outfits thier dog.

I need to get some balm for his paws. I was thinking about some kind of vest or coat. I looked at some of those dog boots, but I can almost be certain it would wear me out getting those on him. So I'll just stick with the balm. The boots are kinda cool though.

Pics would be wlecome if you have any of your dogs outfitted for cold weather.
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