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Nika drops mouthfuls of food around their room and then barks at Addy when Addy walks near the small pile.

Fed dogs by holding bowl over there head. When dog makes eye contact for a moment put bowl down. When it seems like it is finished, take away food. Then the dog will get used to this feeding time and stop playing with food.

Nika sleeps in Addy’s crate a lot of the time, even though we have shown her what crate is hers
When you see her in his crate simple get her out and put in her own crate

When Addy is playing with a toy or chewing on a bone, Nika will walk up and take it from Addy. When Addy picks up the next closest toy to play with, Nika then walks over and takes that toy from her.
Do the same to Nika. Walk up and take her toy. Easy way to deal with dogs like this is treat them the same way as they are treating the weaker dog.

If we are petting Addy, Nika will bulldoze her way in and bodily push Addy out of the way to get our attention.

I would just shove Nika back and put her in a sit and continue with the other dog. Sometimes get Nika and give her a good massage and show her you have strength and she'll get all the affection she wants but not when you are petting Addy

If Addy goes into their room for any reason, Nika has to jump up and follow her in to see what she is doing.
Practice a place command for Nika other than the crate like a dog bed or blanket or whatever. When she is going following Addy tell her to go back to the place. Let her know when you give a command you expect her to comply. It is about developing a bit of discipline for Nika.

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