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Default Dominant, bullying behavior? How to stop it?

Dominant, bullying behavior? How to stop it?

We have two dogs, an 8 yr old small mutt named Addy, and a 3 yr old German Shepherd Dog named Nika. When I brought Nika home as a small puppy, she was in that biting phase, and the older mutt Addy wasn’t thrilled with her. Addy did a good job of letting her feelings be known to Nika by showing her teeth and growling and grumbling. It took about a year before Addy would even play with Nika. These days, they MOSTLY get along.

Fast forward to today…
Nika seems to be bullying Addy, and we are trying to stop the behavior. Some of the things she does are:

-Nika drops mouthfuls of food around their room and then barks at Addy when Addy walks near the small pile. This includes the piles of food Nika drops in Addy’s crate. We bought the dogs a big pillow to lay on, and Nika started dropping her piles of food on the pillow to keep Addy off of it.

-Nika sleeps in Addy’s crate a lot of the time, even though we have shown her what crate is hers. If you tell the dogs to get in their crates, Nika goes directly to her crate, but we’ve been spying on them with a CCTV camera, and when they are in their room alone, Nika often goes to sleep in Addy’s crate.

-When Addy is playing with a toy or chewing on a bone, Nika will walk up and take it from Addy. When Addy picks up the next closest toy to play with, Nika then walks over and takes that toy from her. It just goes on and on like this. We often take the toys back and give them to Addy, but nothing changes. Its actually gotten to the point were Addy has learned to take advantage of this behavior. If Nika is playing with a toy that Addy wants, Addy will start playing with another toy knowing that Nika will drop whatever she is playing with to take the toy from Addy. So then Addy will go pick up the toy she wants to play with.

-If we are petting Addy, Nika will bulldoze her way in and bodily push Addy out of the way to get our attention. But again, Addy knows this behavior well now, and will grab a toy to play with so Nika will run over to take it from her, and then Addy will come back to attention.

-If Addy goes into their room for any reason, Nika has to jump up and follow her in to see what she is doing. If we are petting or playing with Nika, and Addy walks into the room, Nika has to jump up and supervise Addy in the room. She also will block Addy from going into the room at times, and will bark at her.

Nika is a loving German Shepherd Dog to us, but we’re concerned about her bullying behavior to our older dog. We’ve been correcting the behavior as we see it, but it doesn’t look like we’re making any traction.

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