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Default back from vacation everything is different

I have a 1 1/2 year old shepherd, and a 3 year old pug. both female weird mix I know but they got along great since they met each other a year ago. but this past Christmas we went away to my parents farm for a week. We took the shepherd with us she loves it there. We left the pug with a dog sitter that we have used before. We came back home and the dogs were reunited fine then a few hours past, and both dogs were going nuts and attacking each other. I had to separate them and calm them down. It has happened since at least once a day. I have gotten rid of all toys and bones. they are not fighting over any food or things. when I am petting my shepherd and the pug is around she will start to cry like pet me pet me. then the shepherd starts to growl and it is a matter of seconds before they are at it again. I feel like the shepherd is being very protective and I don't know what caused the sudden change. My shepherd seems to growl very easy now, The pug seems to be getting on the shepards nerves really easy. I even gave them both a bath to get ride of smells. Is my shepard uneasy because she is not feeling well? I want to make it go back to normal. please help.

thanks, in advanced
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