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Default Need help with a possible fear aggression in home.(6 m old pup)

Max is 6 months old. Right now we have a issue with him barking at people that enter our home when he has not them before! I do believe it's more fear based and not protecting his home/me.

For example I had a old school friend come visit today! She entered the home and max was relaxing on the back deck so didn't hear her come in. I invited him
Inside and he started barking at her (hackles were raised). I told him no and to sit which he did but continued barking and actually walked up to her, sniffing her but then continued barking I ended up giving her a treat to give which worked, and after about 3-4 minutes all was good. He's know sleeping below her feet and all is good!!

Sorry if it's not very clear- I always had trouble getting my thoughts into paper to make sense and flow.

Could anyone give me any training tips to help to handle this in the future, or to stop in happening in the future. Wouldn't be opposed to professional training, if needed to be.
Thanks :!

Side note: He's always had a bit of anxiety when meeting new people while out and about but the more we have been socializing him (with limits and not over doing it and overwhelming him) he's gotten a lot better.

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