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Default My hospital stay with Rayne got me thinking...

So after being in the hospital with Rayne, my youngest daughter, I started thinking about the work that therapy dogs do. I really think Ammo could do an awesome job as a therapy dog. He loves being around people and is great with children. I have looked into what all is required and am almost 100% sure Ammo could do it. There are only a couple things that worry me about him doing it, none involving contact with people.

My first worry is the way Ammo is around other dogs. When he is on a lead he has a tendency to show a little aggression toward them. He has never fought another dog and is actually really good with them when he is off leash. He is also good after the initial introduction. I can take him for a walk and he will do ok while walking past a dog. He stays on a good heal or if I tell him to stay he will. The only problem is he is always intense on the other dog. Do you think I can train him to ignore the other dog? He will ignore one when he is zoned on his frisbee. Do you think I can train the kind of focus he has with frisbees to me when it comes to therapy work?

Also I'm worried about him having to be separated from me during the evaluation. He does not handle that well at all. I think I can train him to stay the 3 minutes and not freak out to much, but I don't know if I can stop his whining. He is very vocal when he is not happy. Anyone have any ideas how to help train him to hush?

I think Ammo will make a great therapy dog and I would really like to work with him on it. I watch him when I take him places and how he reacts with people, he truly loves it. He has never been an in your face kind of dog. I can place him in a sit and he will stay still while people (usually many of them) pet on him. I have taken him into some really crowded areas and he is always calm and collected. I would call Ammo a bomb proof dog, with the exception of the top 2 worries. I take Ammo almost everywhere with me and he has handled everything very well. He is even great with the cats at petsmart, never pays them any attention.

If anyone has any tips for helping further his training to be a therapy dog I would love to hear them. I really think this is something he could do very well and something he would love to do. Thanks everyone.
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