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Default TIGHT Inbreeding

What are your experiences with WL dogs inbred tight. Goal oriented not accidental, on good dogs.
Im talking brother/sister, parent/progeny, grandparent/grandprogeny, dogs appearing several times close up etc.

This seems to be more common with Mal/Dutchy folks, hunting dogs and game bred dogs.

From what I hear the benifits (if it works out well) are extremely prepotent typey dogs that pass on their genetics well and you will be more likely to run into the potential pit falls in your bloodline.

The downsides are smaller litters, and bad recessives popping up both temperment and health. Obviously one would assume you would cull hard.

So any experiences good bad with such a work oriented breeding? Seems like going tight with appropriate outcrosses from time to time would increase the likelyhood of the pups you want expressing the traits you want..or thats the idea anyways.
Such shy animals are in all circumstances an encumbrance to their owner, who must be ashamed of such a dog, and a disgrace to their race. Under no circumstances whatever must they be used for breeding, however noble and striking they may appear.
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