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Default Fear Aggression/6 Month Male....Help needed!

hello All,

i have been trying to read about fear aggression all day to try and understand our 6 month old German Shepherd's behavior.

Lobo is now nearly 6 months old,we got him from a breeder's who has been dealing with these type of dogs all her life and we met his entire family from great grandparents to his mother and father, they all seem friendly dogs who barked at first but were pleased to meet us - his mother was a little bit more shy and frightened of us at first but this was her first litter. we were assured of great temperament and good dogs.

We had a first pick of the litter and Lobo wasn't shy at all he was keen in knowing who we were and playful as there were others who were more quieter.

Since then he as been introduced to different people, family, friends, children and other dogs. He has always been quite shy with stranger dogs but perfectly fine with those he is comfortable with. He was okay until what we were told his fear instinct kicked in and things seem to have got worse.

The main issue is when Lobo is taken on a leash on footpaths. He now launches himself at people, cars and dogs going past. He also growls at the people and other dogs as we walk by them.

We do have the help of a dog behaviorist who is telling us to avoid situations where Lobo shows fear aggression. (i,e confronting people and dogs on a leash) When off a leash he never growls at humans just other dogs. Contradicting the dog behaviorist the breeder has advised to get the dog used to people more, with perhaps a muzzle for peace of mind, in busier areas. Like starting off out side a supermarket etc building up from small dozes.

P.s: he doesnt do this to people who he met and knows when he was a pup - just to strangers who he has never met before. He hasn't been attacked by any other animal or badly treated by a human.

Any advice on how to handle this as we really want this to work? Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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