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She is eager to let the vapour out. The best thing is to make a routine for her. Your case is classic just to prove for yourself that GSD needs hourly discipline. 1-2 hours chasing ball in the early morning, and 1-2 hours at early night hours. Make it hard for her, make her exhausted! She will start expecting energy release about these hours in a while. Use a harness instead of a collar, a new wear should make change to her pace, harness manipulates her torso not her head. Always have cheese in your poket, feed her treats on the way every 15 min, then her ball in your right hand, play the ball on the way, try to keep her eyes on yours as much as you can. Every time she draggs you forward - turn round and walk in opposite direction, she must learn to make circles around you instead of pulling you in different directions. She barks and whines because she is happy, impatient to express it, this fact isn't important at the present stage.
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