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Default Gsd loses mind when on leash please help!

Hey there I am hoping someone out there can help me with my gsd crazy leash behavior. So here is a little background info. I adopted 1 yr old Zoey in August from my local humane society. She was was an owner surrender. The previous owner noted she had no leash training and spent at least 12 hours a day in her kennel or on a lead outside alone. Zoey has been a challenge but we have been making so much progress with her. She is so willing to learn, she now sits, stays, lays, rolls over and plays dead on command, no longer jumps the fence, and is completely house trained but whenever we got out for a walk she loses her mind. As soon as we start walking she is crying and making this terrible obnoxious noise i am not sure how to classify, and barking usually follows. This is all with and without others present. We now try and walk her at night so we do not see other people or dogs. She usually barks uncontrollably at others but is getting better and only barking at other dogs. For whatever reason she just gets so frustrated on the leash. Our other gsd 2 1/2 year old Zara who we have had since 11 months of age is nearly perfect on the leash besides minor tugging. I just do not know how to break Zoey. I hate not being able to take her everywhere because she loses her mind. We have tried positive reinforcement, discipline, and stopping and making her stop until she calms down. She especially freaks out if Zara or anyone else is walking in front of her. With sometimes have minor success walking her in front, but I do not want her to think she needs to lead always.
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