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Default My first foster....

Has found a home. All of the sudden he had 3 applications. I've had him about 3 weeks or so with no interest We went to an adoption event and I felt bad for him, because unless he butted in on people petting another dog no one paid attention to him. He is such a fun energetic dog with a gentle disposition. On Christmas all my family came over and my dad brought his dog. Batman(foster dog)!and Buddy(dads dog) were kissing each other through the crate. Toward the end of the night we let them out and they played and they played well together. So my dad decided to adopt him. Since my dad is older I told him that if he ever needed a break from Batmans energy, I would take him for the weekend to give him a break. I'm thrilled Batman is now part of the family. They have another dog ready for me, but I'm passing for a couple months, until I get my golden puppy better trained. He is now joining Lisa's Boot Camp...LOL
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