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Default NON GSD- Border Collie Breeder

Hey. I am kind of on a thread rampage right now... I haven't been back in awhile and thoughts and ideas and questions have been spurring inside of me. Well, I don't know much about determining the quality of a breeder, and I am contemplating getting another puppy. Long story I would not care to get into, but IF I were to get another puppy/dog I would want one from a professional breeder. I am really just looking now, no specific breed or anything at the moment, but I stumbled upon a breeder's website a few weeks ago and always find myself going back to it. The name is Hob Nob Border collies. Site: The breeder is Jan DeMello, and she is in Rochester, WA. I originally found the website from looking up border collie breeders on Google and accidentally found it because I was looking for breeders in California, and it used to be in Riverside, CA. Well, anyway I read through the website and was extremely impressed by how many of these Hob Nob BC's are champions in a lot of AKC competitions such as: agility herding, and obedience; agility being the strong suit of these dogs. I was also stunned by the beauty of Miss DeMello's dogs, and how beautiful and calm the puppies produced were/are. Over those few weeks after I found the website all I did, I mean ALL I did was look at every video on the youtube channel, read every dog's bio, go on the blog, and Facebook, and I learned more and more about the breeder. Jan seems like she really loves her dogs, and what she does, and I am pretty ready to go to my parents, but I thought I should look up true reviews because the Testimonials page on the website is only going to be good reviews. I found a few negative ones, mostly loons complaining about the non-refundable deposit that is clearly stated on her website, but I stumbled over a few saying Hob Nob Border Collies are mostly bred for their looks and not their working abilities. Now I am not in a place to judge something like that. Yes, her dogs are gorgeous, but does that really mean their beauty empowers their ability to be the true working dogs they were bred to be. Now I am not sure how many people on this lovely German Shepherd forum know about BC's, but I am hoping anyone who does, or is experienced with breeders, and can determine the quality of Hob Nob Border collies will relay their knowledge to me. Sorry for my long rant of a thread!!! Appreciate any responses!

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